Thursday, July 15, 2010

35 weeks and 4 days!

           Can I just tell you how amazing it is that I am still blessed to be pregnant? God is so good and I was never expected to make it this far. I'm thrilled and so grateful for God's amazing blessings. I cannot believe that I'm almost  full term.

We have a doctor's appt this coming Monday! I haven't had an ultrasound in forever, so it's good to  be getting another. You know, I've had 11 so far. How could they just stop on me! Please pray for good news.

My friend just had her baby= 10 lbs! She gave birth to a toddler! I got to go see her yesterday and she's so precious! I'm wondering if the boy will be big or not?

BY THE WAY! I am pleased to announce our son has a name! Yes, at 8 1/2 months pregnant, we have finally decided on a name. We are naming him Whit, but we haven't figured out a middle name. We like: Sullivan, Landes, Charles, Cannon, and still trying to brainstorm a few more. I think a lot of people seem to be iffy about the name, Whit, but whatever. It's after a baseball player that won the college world series, lol. DH even contacted him and he'll be signing a baseball for the baby. How sweet is that? Whit wasn't my first choice, but DH is in love with the name. If we need to change it, we will. No biggie!

Anyway, I'll post again soon. I gotta climb back in bed!

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Anonymous said...

Whit is a cool name! did you decide on a middle yet?