Monday, August 2, 2010

38 weeks!

I just want to make a quick post, and I promise to come back on later to post more.
First, here's a pic of my beautiful boy from my 36 week u/s!

He had his eyes open, he has HAIR! and he was making tons of cute faces while we watched. His heart rate is in the 140's and he looks great. They estimated him to be about 6 lbs and 3 oz. Right on target! How cool is that? God is so good to us. I mean we didn't expect to get this far and here I am, probably going to 40 weeks, lol. I feel like he'll never come out!

I'm ready for him to just get with the program and make his little entrance into the world. I'm so afraid that he won't come out, that he'll be huge and I'll need a section. Now that I only have 12 days left, it seems like eternity. Funny how that should happen, huh?

Look at this pic of us being stupid- but you can see how huge I am. This is about 2 weeks ago? Yikes! I have stretch marks all across the belly and it breaks my heart, but I'll deal. They itch uncontrollably.

I finally got the artwork in for his room, but have nothing on the walls yet. I'm ordering the paper lanterns to go over his crib TODAY. I've been putting everything off, and I don't know why!

Quiz time:

How far along? 38 weeks and 2 days!
How big is baby? a watermelon. Yum.
Weight gain? I'm over 200 lbs. Seriously. This is out of control. I cannot wait to get back to ME!
Maternity clothes? Not buying anymore, lol.
Stretch marks? Yep!
Sleep?  I wake at 5 am most mornings. Heartburn isn't so bad now, but everything else hurts. The itching wakes me up from my feet and my stomach. Double checking with dr. tomorrow to make sure I don't have PUPPs.
Best moment this week? I hope getting his artwork on the walls will be the best moment!
Movement? Movement is now a something sticking out here and there.
Food cravings? nothing particular, just ice.
Gender? Team blue!
Labor signs? I had some cramping last night. Hope they are practice contractions!
Belly button in or out? It's just flat.
What I miss? not itching. Bending over and my old boobs.
What I am looking forward to? Labor?
Weekly wisdom? get started on that nursery BEFORE 27 weeks.
Milestones?  We are full term! AMAZING! 

I'll update soon enough, I hope!

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Anonymous said...

I am RIGHT.BEHIND.YOU. in the weight department. You are not alone. You look AWESOME, it's all baby right? We'll pop out 40 pound kids? heheh.

That's a beautiful ultrasound pic. such a precious boy.

I am also ready for Xavier to get here. Beyond ready.