Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Am I seriously 3 days from my due date? Let me say first-- GOD IS SO GOOD! He's proved all the doctors wrong. I am shocked that I made it to be full term, let alone 40 weeks. I'm to the miserable point now. I think I'll be okay once I quit working. I've decided that I won't work past this Friday. Done :) That's the scariest thing on the planet for me, because I love to work.

I am still at 1 cm, no progress. I cried forever at my appointment yesterday, because I'm just READY. I can't believe we scheduled an induction, but thankfully it's not until August 23rd. I'll post more later, but please LO-- don't make me wait until August 23rd. I need some labor dust ladies!

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Anonymous said...

I had no progress until X's bday! I was at 1cm and the same effacement for a while.

It's totally possible to have nothing one day and pop out the kid the next.

I'm wishing you speedy labor dust!!!